Restaurant Procurement Software

If you’re running a restaurant it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of delivering great food and great service. But one of the things that can make a good restaurant suffer is if they are without a decent understanding of their supply. It can mean overspending on products or needless time-wasting on ingredient procurement.

What is often needed is a modern approach to the issue, which is why we’ve put together our fantastic restaurant procurement software.

  • 1. Reduce Admin

    Looking for Great Restaurant Procurement Software?

    As part of our program, we offer Costimator V8, a powerful piece of programming designed specifically to automate and help you manage your supply, ordering and reports. With access to unbeatable pricing from Australia's largest independent food buying group, FoodieBuy.


    Costimator V8 is an incredibly intuitive program custom made and refined to optimise the procurement process in restaurants. It is a 'cover-all' platform which can be fully integrated with all of your POS, accounting and supply systems.

    Amongst the many operations it can perform, you'll find:

    - Recipe and menu costing

    - Easy to use, purchase to pay ordering system

    - Invoicing with order matching

    - Customisable stocktaking for each storage area

    - Auto-push invoice accounting

    - Real-time sales reports (including venue by venue breakdowns)

    All of this is fully customisable to your business, plus it works on any device with access, so your whole team can be on board. The system updates in real-time to reflect both your business updates and any important updates from your suppliers.

  • 2. Save Money

    My Local Foodie Restaurant Procurement Software Difference

    The restaurant procurement software is part of a complete kitchen management system. Our goal is to ensure you've got the full set of tools and knowledge of what decisions need to be made to maximise your profits. We've endeavoured to make the system as easy to use as possible so that there are no time-wasting complications. We also offer a full training program to make sure your team is comfortable with the system.

    The training program runs in five sections:

    Sprint 1: Our first step in the program is understanding your business. We will undertake a 30-day immersion in the business so that we get to know you and your team, your brand and your premises and set you up for success.

    Kick-Off: Once we've got a full picture, we can get your crew in for a fast-start workshop. We'll familiarise your whole team with the platform so that they can get back to the running of the business.

    Sprint 2: We link your Costimator V8 software with your other systems. It's at this stage you'll also get to know FoodieBuy and open a new world of supply possibilities. Having already been trained, you and your team will be in a good place to start using everything straight away.

    Sprint 3: This is where you get to open up the system and see what it is capable of with the first KPI reporting from the system.We guide you through how to read the results, and offer support to help you identify the best areas to focus and improve.

    Ongoing Support: Yes Chef will continue to check in with you every 3, 6 and 12 months and offer you guidance and support!

  • 3. Succeed

    Procurement management plan for your restaurant

    Whatever job you can think of, we've done it, whether it's glass collecting, kitchen porter, chef or restaurant owner. So, we're driven by expertise and thorough knowledge.

    We've already had the chance to prove it, too. Just take a look at our testimonials onsite or our social media feeds on Facebook or Instagram. If you want any more information on how we can optimise your kitchen supply, or if you're ready to take the next step, send us a message, email or even give us a call, and we'll have a chat about your procurement management plan for your restaurant.

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