Restaurant Food Cost Software

When it comes to maintaining a comprehensive overview of restaurant menu costing it is a good idea to embrace digital technology. As many industries are beginning to realise, integrated automation can help to highlight shortfalls and growth areas, not least around supply and stock. That’s why we’ve put together a complete restaurant food cost software plan for use by businesses all across Australia.

  • 1. Reduce Admin

    Searching for Excellent Restaurant Food Cost Software?

    Yes Chef, a group of professional hospitality trainers and facilitators. FoodieBuy, a network of small and big independent suppliers. Costimator V8, a powerful automation program which covers supply, stock, accounting and reportage.

    Brought together to create My Local Foodie, our goal is to drive an efficient and effective industry-standard, powered by expert knowledge and innovative ideas to create this industry leading restaurant food cost software.

    Costimator V8 powers our restaurant costing software

    Costimator V8 restaurant costing software covers a huge range of functions. Rather than try to create individual packages for invoices, stock taking, or cost vs profit reporting, we've combined it all into one neat platform. We've worked with POS developers to ensure it integrates with your sales software, so you'll have no difficulty matching sales reports to stock levels.

  • 2. Save Money

    Five-Step Program & restaurant food cost control

    As well as access to FoodieBuy, we'll make sure you have every tool and trick ready to make the best of your Costimator V8 system. We know that your team needs to be comfortable with the platform and be able to make quick use of it, which is why we've not only made easy to use, but we offer a training program as well!

    Our training program is fairly straightforward but integral to making sure you get the best out of the system. Here it is broken into five steps:

    Sprint 1: We want to get to know you first, so we'll come in for a 30-day immersion to see what makes you tick, how and why your business works and what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

    Kick-Off: We'll get the team in for a fast start workshop to get them ready to use Costimator and FoodieBuy, then get them back to the floor and energized to grow the business.

    Sprint 2: We'll get the system installed and integrated with your other software and then bring in FoodieBuy so you can get acquainted. We'll then hand over the system to you and see what you can do!

    Sprint 3: Now it's time for your team to take the wheel and get used to the system. But we won't just leave you to it - we'll monitor your reports and continue to feedback our thoughts and guidance so you can get the best out of it.

    Ongoing Support: Once you're gotten completely comfortable, Yes Chef will meet with you every 3, 6 and 12 months to keep you on track to reach your restaurant food cost control goals and KPIs.

  • 3. Succeed

    What Can restaurant costing software Do for You?

    We've all worked at various levels of restaurant food cost control in the hospitality industry, so we know the challenges faced at the frontline and issues with restaurant costing software. You'll find none more sympathetic than us when it comes to ensuring the changes you envision are positive, and our expertise in system management will ensure it is pain-free.

    If you want to get a better idea of how we work, just take a look at the testimonials on our website. You can also head over to our Facebook or Instagram and see what kind of things we've been up to. Whenever you're ready give us a call or send us a message or email and we'll see what we can do for you.

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