Shout out to hospo legends helping our community

When times are tough, there’s no ‘family’ quite like the hospo family.

We’ve been so inspired by all the individuals and businesses who’ve come together these last few months to support our community. This is our shout out to (just a few of) them so you can get inspired by their wonderful initiatives too.

Sydney direct fresh produce
shows us how to pivot

Built on the values of innovation, customer service, and healthy, genuine relationships within the hospitality community, Sydney Direct Fresh Produce (SDFP) are a proud, family-run business and they’ve been in the industry for over 40 years.

Part of our My Local Foodie network, SDFP supply restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and cafes in greater Sydney region with the freshest produce around, but the recent COVID-19 crisis has seen them pivot to the quickly changing landscape — a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation.

With less fresh produce needed at restaurants and pubs during the trading restrictions, owner Luke Kohler and his team at SDFP worked tirelessly to re-direct some of their fresh produce to Westcare, a charity that distributes food to elderly and vulnerable communities around Sydney.

Luke Kohler says of the partnership, “(Westcare) had the channels and avenues to get the food to people in need who can use it.”

“The timing couldn’t have been better” says Westcare Community Services Director Andrew Paech. “All this additional food has enabled us through our own distribution channels, right across Western Sydney… to distribute very valuable produce and fresh food (to those people in need).” says Westcare Community Services Director Andrew Paech.

Full video about the partnership can be viewed here

SDFP also quickly partnered with Harris Farm to sell express boxes online, so people isolating at home could order great fresh produce at a great price, and have it delivered right to their door. The result:

  • Food waste was reduced
  • Luke could keep his staff in work
  • Aussie food producers we’re able to find a home for their produce


A great partnership between the Australian Hotels Association and Carlton & United Breweries, #fortheloveofyourlocal matching beer for beer donations, for all beer vouchers paid for by patrons.

The money goes direct to the venue of patrons’ choice, giving them much needed cashflow while they’ve been closed or trading under the restrictions.

Originally, they had a goal to raise $1 million of free to beer to help pubs and clubs, but they surged past that goal so decided to double it to $2 million – that’s the equivalent of more than 2,000 kegs, or 100,000 litres of beer!

A special shout out and congratulations The Notting Hill Hotel, part of the My Local Foodie family in VIC. They’re in the top 5% of venues participating in this great initiative. We hear they’re now aiming to get in the top 1%. We wish them luck in achieving their goal.

Hospo4Hospo: serving up hope

Australian Pork Limited is all about supporting and promoting the Australian pork industry. When the hospo industry was hit hard by COVID-19, they stepped up with Hospo4Hospo — an initiative that saw Australian pig farmers and the pork industry partner with restaurants to deliver free pork meals for hospitality workers who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Launched in April, and after a two-week trial in Sydney and Perth, the foodservices program was rolled out across the country. But this program wasn’t just about a free meal — it was about offering support and hope through the social benefits with workers able to connect with each other.

Mitch Edwards, who oversees the Australian Pork Limited foodservices programs explained to Hospitality Magazine that, “our pork industry, foodservice represents about a quarter of sales in Australia and that’s taken a massive hit in this environment. However, this initiative is a small way our producers can give back to an industry that has supported them through the good times and the bad.”

Australian Pork is also supporting hospo with weekly webinars where Foodie Coaches and the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association share knowledge.

HelpOutHospo: online courses making a difference

This fun initiative lets you upskill and donate to hospo workers in need and has some big names in the biz lending their support, like Matt Moran and Neil Perry.

HelpOutHospo, an emergency financial relief program, is a “by the industry, for industry” initiative where venues can sign up and post ‘how-to’ videos in exchange for donations — putting much needed money directly into the pockets of hospo workers who’ve lost their jobs.

Video courses range in price (between $10 and $30) and cover a range of topics, from cooking hacks, menu planning and paddock-to-plate feasting. People can even learn how to create a cocktail from the comfort of their own home.

And if you don’t want to learn anything new but you want to get all the good feels, HelpOutHospo also lets people make straight up donations. So far, they’ve raised over $55,000!

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