Plant-based eating is on the rise

We get it. Adding more plant-based options to your menu might seem like a hassle. Maybe you think there isn’t any demand for it. But we’re here to tell you that simply isn’t true. Here’s why you should be jumping on this food trend. 

Plant-based eating is growing in popularity

In fact, if you’re not already embracing this food trend, you’re a step behind this rapidly increasing global phenomenon that is seeing even the likes of McDonald’s and Dominos offer more vegetarian options on their menus.

There’s been a steady rise in flexitarianism over the years, with many people going vegetarian, vegan or simply pescatarian to cut out or cut back on their meat consumption. A trend made popular by the Meat Free Mondays movement.

In the U.S. alone, the number of people who identify as a vegan has increased by 600% over just three years, from 1% in 2014 to 6% in 2017.

The forecast for Australia’s plant-based food industry shows a similar trajectory. The CSIRO estimates our plant-based meat market will be worth more than $6 billion by 2030.

And many restaurants and food brands are seeking to keep the loyalty of the growing number of flexitarians. It makes good business sense that you’d do the same.

What’s the big appeal?

The plant-based eating trend appeals to three groups of consumers:

  • Those who abstain from meat or meat products for environmental reasons, and are open to veggie alternatives and substitutes for meat. 
  • Those who are vegan or vegetarian who just don’t eat meat for ethical reasons in support of animal welfare. 
  • Those who are cutting back on their animal consumption due to health reasons, with a growing number of researchers backing plant-based eating for health purposes.

Plant-based options on your menu make sense

It makes good business sense to give your patrons vegan and vegetarian menu options. It’s predicted that plant-based eating will continue to rise in popularity, and with that, the hospo industry needs to adapt.

The good news is that being mindful and thoughtful of your consumers’ preferences is now easier than ever, with many affordable and easily accessible meat alternatives available on the market.

And there are easy and economical ways to offer more plant-based options into your menu and appeal to this growing cohort of consumers. My Local Foodie clients already have products available from our FoodieBuy network to try – from a range of great brands below. 

Mrs Macs

Australian owned since 1954, Mrs Macs have two NEW plant-based options that are sure to appeal to the health conscious consumer.

Smokey BBQ Jackfruit Pie 

Black Bean & Chipotle Burrito

Chef Liam O’Neill says the new range was developed to meet the rising demand for plant-based product, with one third of Australians actively reducing their meat consumption. And their new product line was created “with a focus on taste and flavour using all natural ingredients free from any artificial colours or flavours” he says.

And, they’re running a pre-order promotion for September. Buy any 5 cartons from the Mrs Macs range, including 3 of the new products, and receive a FREE carton of Giant Sausage Rolls.

Simply download and fill in this order sheet and email it to


Patties have been feeding Australians since 1966. As Australian tastes have evolved, so too have their menu items, which include a range of plant-based finger food options that come ready to heat and serve.  

Anand Surujpal, General Manager of Marketing and Innovation says, “As Australian palettes evolve, we continue to innovate at Patties to bring new exciting flavours inspired by food trends from around the world.”

Vegan Friendly Rolls 

Plant based recipe wrapped in golden flaky pastry – meat, dairy and egg free.

Kumara Rosti

Fresh New Zealand kumara, diced, lightly seasoned and formed into a rosti. A nutritious and tasty side to your favourite main dish.

Jalapeno Cheese Bites

Soft cheese centre with chunks of spicy jalapeno chilli and corn, wrapped in a crispy crumb coating.

Mac n Cheese Bites

All the gooey deliciousness of cheese, pasta and beef bacon encased in a crispy crumb. Mac & Cheese, only better and bite sized.


Vegan friendly Mediterranean falafels packed with chickpeas and cooked to perfection with tasty herbs and spices.

Beyond Burger

Who doesn’t love a burger? It’s a real crowd pleaser. Beyond Meat have done the research and offer a plant-based alternative to your standard beef burger. The Beyond Burger produces 99% less water, 93% less land, 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 50% less energy, according to peer-reviewed LCA Study.

“From the start, Beyond Meat has been steadfast in our perspective that meat doesn’t have to come from a chicken, cow or pig. We believe that we can build delicious, satiating meat directly from plants.” – Ethan Brown, Founder & CEO of Beyond Meat

We are here to help


Our FoodieBuy team are here to help source the right products for you that will appeal to a flexitarian patron. Whether that’s product from Mrs Macs, Patties, Beyond Burger and more. 

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