Menu Costing

It’s not hard to lose grip on menu costing these days. With constant pricing changes as markets fluctuate, suppliers will make you a deal one day and then overcharge you the next – unless you constantly negotiate with them. When it comes to costing menu items, it’s often easier to accept the inflated costs so you’re not squandering too much time negotiating and sourcing alternatives when you should be focussing on delivering excellent service to your customers. Jump forward a couple of months and it’s surprising how much a minor supplier expense can add up over time. If only there was a partner you could rely on to take the hassle of negotiating away, so you always get the best price for the right products.

  • 1. Reduce Admin

    Are You Having Trouble Keeping Menu Costing Under Control?

    At My Local Foodie, we concern ourselves solely with optimising hospitality businesses like restaurants, pubs and anywhere there's a kitchen catering to customers. For more than a decade, we have helped kitchens to streamline their entire supply, recipe and menu costing systems to allow them to do what they do best while maximising their profit by minimising their expenses.

    Many businesses face the same issue today; one of trying to excel or stay afloat as the market changes. It is easy to see cost-cutting measures as a quick solution, however, in the long term, this may not be the best choice for your company as it could negatively impact the quality of service you provide. What we do is identify what your operation is doing well and where it can improve and help you to do it better, beating out the competition and claiming a larger portion of the market.

  • 2. Save Money

    Our Menu Costing Program puts your in Control

    It's simple; a detailed analysis of your operation from supplier to kitchen to table can reveal all of the pertinent information that you need to map out a profitable future. By working with us you are inviting a team of hospitality pros in to help you observe how your business works and get a good sense of the numbers. After that, we let the menu costing data do the talking. Aided by essential reports we can identify where the superfluous expenses really lie. We give you the tools for costing menu items, and visualise on a graph the menu items that are more profitable and least profitable. By making some minor adjustments to your menu you would be amazed to see what small changes can add up to. We can implement our industry-leading software throughout your kitchen and train your staff on it so everyone is armed with exactly what they need to create recipes, cost them effectively, place orders and receive amazing produce from the very best independent suppliers in Australia.

  • 3. Succeed

    Let Us Show You How to Maximise Your Kitchen's Potential

    Before you know it, you will be maximising your profits like never before. We have the utmost faith in our systems because we have seen the results firsthand time and time again.

    We're so confident that we issue our services with a promise to return your initial setup fee if you don't recoup it within your first 120 days. If you believe you could optimise your kitchen with an outstanding menu costing tool then why not give My Local Foodie a try? We offer a free demonstration of our program so you can see for yourself the level of detail we get into to make your business thrive. So, give us a call or register for a demonstration of our menu costing formula today!

    Find out how we can specifically help your business:

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