Food Procurement Systems

Running a restaurant is an exciting venture, yet without the necessary systems in place, you may find that you are over or underordering and your profits slip as a result. With My Local Foodie’s food procurement system, you can get on top of your ordering and cost estimating for your recipes, along with a whole lot more.

  • 1. Reduce Admin

    What are the Advantages of Using the Food Procurement System?

    When it comes to food procurement, My Local Foodie makes it easier than ever to get what you need in the right quantities.

    With a system that can be used by the whole team, it has never been easier to run a profitable hospitality business that focuses on delivering great food to your customers.

    With the system being able to run on tablets and laptops, managing your business has never been easier, and it means that your chefs are not tied down to working at a desk. Instead, they can do what they do best, and use the system to order high-quality produce that helps them get creative in the kitchen and satisfies your customers.

    Buying Power With My Local Foodie's Food Procurement System

    You will have access to competitively priced produce from our brilliant local suppliers. We work with farms, factories and local distributors to bring you high-quality produce that your patrons will love.

    We understand that sometimes you may have loyalty to your existing suppliers and would like to continue buying from them. If they are in our buying group, you can continue to do so. Our FoodieBuy suppliers are all passionate about delivering great food. If your existing supplier is not currently part of FoodieBuy and would like to become part of our buying group, they can apply.

  • 2. Save Money

    Accurate Stocktake With My Local Foodie's Procurement System

    Our food procurement system also lets you take accurate stocktakes of the food you have in your kitchen so that you know what to buy and when. Everything to do with the system has been created to make the job of a restaurateur easier and more efficient.

    There is real-time reporting, and as anyone in the team can access this if you would like them to, which means that My Local Foodie’s system works for all those who play a part in running your restaurant business.

    The system gives you the necessary tools to run your kitchen efficiently, and rather than spending your time on admin tasks, chefs can focus on why they went into the restaurant trade and produce great tasting recipes.

  • 3. Succeed

    My Local Foodie: Making the Everyday Running of a Hospitality Business Easier

    It can be hard work to run a restaurant efficiently, and with the maximum profits, but with My Local Foodie, we help you to get the most from your time.

    If you would like to see what our food procurement system can do for you, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will give you a free demonstration.

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