Food Costing and Pricing

Welcome to My Local Foodie, where we love nothing more than simplifying the minefield that is hospitality so that you can focus on running a successful business. You didn’t fall in love with the food business because of all the numbers and reporting and trying to work out food costing and pricing, you fell in love with it because you have a passion for people and food, so let’s get back to the reason we’re here in the first place.

Demystify Food Costing and Pricing

We take a full-service approach to help make running your business a whole lot easier, but most importantly, profitable. Our exclusive, industry-leading software gives you access to amazing quality produce at unbeatable prices and expert help and support so you can take your business to the next level.

Our unique approach to food costing and pricing means that we can deliver what others can't, and that's profitable improvements. We know that making any change to your business operations can be daunting, but our tried and tested methods are highly regarded by so many business owners because they actually work. Read More

Benefits of Food Costing and Pricing

Food costing is an incredibly important part of your business, but a lot of restaurant and hospitality businesses aren't even aware of it until it's too late. Knowing your food cost and selling price might sound like a lot of hard work, but we've done everything we can to make this aspect of your business easy so you can stay in the know without getting bogged down in numbers.

Food costing not only puts you back in control of your business, but it also creates an awareness of cost so that you can be as profitable as possible. We want you to stop wasting both time and money, and with our innovative systems, it's now easier than ever. With the market as competitive as it is, you simply cannot escape the need for food costing if you want to thrive in the current climate.

There are three key elements to food costing: price, recipe, and tracking. While the menu prices are ultimately up to you to decide, knowing the accurate COG value will help you make more informed decisions about how you set your prices. We know that you also take into account things such as competitor pricing, but how do you truly know where to set your prices if you don't know what each plate is costing you?

Knowing what the recipe costs involves a more in-depth analysis of ingredient costs and what you're being charged by your suppliers. We make sure that you have access to the best quality ingredients from Australia's finest producers. It's not about just reducing your current food costs, it's about awareness and getting the best value for money. The final step is tracking which will give you your food profits based on actual sales and identify your high and low turnover dishes.

How to Calculate Food Cost and Selling Price

No one goes into the restaurant business because they love math, but it's undeniably an essential part of running any profitable operation. Let us take the hassle out of food prices and use our cutting-edge system to show you how to calculate food cost and selling price without spending hours on a calculator. Take control of your expenses and realise the true potential of your business.

Find out how we can specifically help your business:

What are you waiting for? You can visit our website and register for a free demo of our software right now! You can also call our Melbourne office on (03) 9079 2900 or our Sydney office on (02) 8039 6777 if you have any questions. Our team is always more than happy to help because we're committed to changing the hospitality industry for the better. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Read Less

  • 1. Reduce Admin

    Powerful Food Costing Software

    By implementing a three-pillar method, we help you make improvements to your business operations that will see you turn a bigger profit. How do we achieve this? By putting systems in place for the three most important areas of any restaurant: purchasing, menu planning, and reporting. But just to take things one step further, we also include support from knowledgeable experts in the field.

    Every dedicated member on the My Local Foodie team has their own personal food story that has given them a burning passion and brought them here today. But the one thing that we all have in common is our commitment to improving the hospitality industry and helping our clients to be as successful as possible with their endeavours.

  • 2. Save Money

    What Can Food Cost Management Software do for Your Business?

    The reason that restaurant owners love the My Local Foodie platform is that it provides their whole team with the clarity they need to make the right decisions. We don't claim that food costing is easy, but we make it so with our food costing software. We believe that every hospitality business needs to know their food costs so that they can regain control and make the best choices to help their business grow.

    There's more to your food prices than just looking at how much you spent and how many sales you made. True food costs are more complex which is what scares a lot of people, but we're here to make it simple and hassle-free. The main benefit of food cost management software is that it gives you awareness of the true price and the recipe costs as well as reflecting the impact that your choices have on your menu.

    But most importantly, food cost management software gives you control of one of your biggest expenses. All the big hitters in the hospitality industry are on top of their food costs and if it works for them, food cost control software will work for you. We don't want you to waste another dollar on something that isn't bringing a benefit to your business. Nor do we want you to spend your valuable time doing complicated sums. We are here to help you increase your profits by taking actions that are proven to change the way you do business for the better.

  • 3. Succeed

    Discover The Best Food Cost Control Software

    With our systems and support by your side, you will go from strength to strength. Even if your business is already well structured, we can help you do better. We have assisted businesses who thought that their purchasing and recipe management was organized and efficient to take things to a whole new level. No matter where you're at, we can offer you the best quality produce, unbeatable support, and software that gives you real numbers each and every day.

    The only way to truly be in control is to have all the information that you need, readily available. You simply cannot make an informed decision without it. Our food cost control software will put you back in the driving seat of your business so that you can take it to places you never thought were possible.

    If you'd like to try a free demo of our software, go online and register now! You can also call and speak to a friendly member of our team. Dial (03) 9079 2900 for our Melbourne office or (02) 8039 6777 for our Sydney office. We're always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about how the best food costing software can help you.