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Kitchen Management Software

Restaurant & kitchen management software

All successful businesses perform well by focussing on one area that is often overlooked: management resources. Burning the candle at both ends isn't an effective way to achieve long-lasting positive results and there is great wisdom in knowing that a little help in just the right areas can yield massive results. My Local Foodie is focussed entirely on achieving net positive results for hospitality companies all across Australia with restaurant management software.

Restaurant management software

Our speciality is in identifying the areas of your kitchen or restaurant that limit efficiency and inflate expense. We're not talking about cost-cutting, we're talking about maximising profit by helping you do what you do best and deliver an incredible service to your customers that will see them coming back for more and praising your business from the rooftops. We help you trim the fat by giving you unrivalled access to detailed reports that take the pulse of your operation and give you a firm handle on menu and recipe costing to get your COGs down and profits up. Armed with our restaurant management software we help you evaluate and adjust your operation to improve the service you deliver. Within four months you'll see solid results that last.

Kitchen management software

Our kitchen management software makes it easy for our clients by sourcing outstanding produce from local suppliers and streamlining your food and beverage systems. We take a deep dive into your business to get a strong sense of how it works, what it excels at and what it needs. Then we train all your staff on our 120 Day program so everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet and working together efficiently. We don't change the core of what you do, rather, we find the best possible way to do it and show you how. No one knows your business better than you, but it can take an outside perspective coupled with 13 years experience working with different kitchens to see where things can improve. By streamlining your admin with our kitchen inventory management software and relying on our suppliers to deliver the best food available to your kitchen you create hours in the day you never knew you could have.

Kitchen Management System Your Business Can Trust

Are you looking for ways to improve the day-to-day running of your restaurant kitchen? If so, My Local Foodie’s kitchen management system is the answer you have been looking for.

Designed to be used by chefs, CEOs and CFOs alike, it makes the process of ordering food produce, estimating the cost of recipes, producing reports and more, easier than ever. What’s more, it can help to save valuable time and money, and less food waste will be produced. What could be better?

What Components are Included With Our Kitchen Management System?

With My Local Foodie, you will have access to a kitchen management system with everything you need to make your business easier to run and more profitable.

It includes FoodieBuy, and this lets you buy high-quality produce at competitive buying group prices from local farms, factories and distributors, giving your chefs what they need to create delicious recipes.

As well as this, our Yes Chef team will be behind you to give you all the support you need, and they have experience with supporting many hospitality businesses to succeed.

Our Costimator Solution For Kitchen Management

Finally, the Costimator allows you to save money through efficient stocktaking practices, costing menus and recipes and through reporting, along with many more features.

Let us show you how restaurant & kitchen management software can assist your business

When it comes to kitchen management software you won't find a better fully integrated platform than My Local Foodie. Our services come with a guarantee that if you don't recoup the cost of your setup fee within 120 days then we'll give it back to you.

Find out how we can specifically help your business:

It's that simple; we're so confident in our systems because we have seen the results it generates time and time again. If you are a chef or venue owner then why not register with us online for a free demo of our restaurant & kitchen management software? We'd love the chance to show you how achievable it is to make your business more efficient and reduce your expenses. So, get in touch with us today! Close

We help make hospo easy

Get access to our exclusive industry-leading kitchen operations software, a hand-selected food buying group to source high quality produce at competitive prices, and unbeatable support  from our team of passionate hospitality experts armed with implementation programs to make sure you get the best results.

Everything you need to take your food operation to the next level. 


A powerful recipe for success

It’s the combined power of our three-pillar approach that allows you to see the full picture easily and deliver what others can’t — profitable improvements to your entire food business.

We do this by systemising the three key areas of any successful hospitality business — buying power, menu planning and reporting plus unbeatable support. 


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