Through working with thousands of chefs, managers and owners we have developed a 5 step approach to gaining complete clarity over food operation. Clients who experience breakthroughs in clarity are able to operate with improved and sustained control with our recipe costing software. In our experience, increasing clarity and control results in increased profit for our clients.

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Buy the products you need at national group prices. Every order has a PO, can be received and is match to the suppliers invoice. Approved Invoices auto push to accounting packs such as Xero to save time. Advanced purchases reports tell you what you purchased and who from. Welcome to your complete procurement system.




We built the fastest, most accurate and chef friendly stocktake tool possible so stocktakes can be done and dusted in no time to keep the accountants happy. Every product in every location in every venue can be counted quickly, valued correctly and reported to the finance team live.




Know your plate costs and have the peace of mind that every ingredient cost on every menu updates every day. Recipe costing software has never been easier or more fun.




Bring it all together in the one platform with links to over 100 different point of sale, supplier and accounting packs.




Knowledge never looked so good. Advanced live reporting let’s you keep your finger on the pulse with drill down Sales by venue, menu, recipe results mixed with COGS, wastage and detailed purchases by supplier by product reports. Reporting capabilities are endless and available on-line or downloadable to excel, csv or pdf.

Our foodies are dedicated to helping your business get the most value from our software, support systems and buying group. See the difference these steps could make to your venue

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The power behind the 5 steps

Our 5 steps are built upon a full-service, all-in-one platform and hospitality buying group to help you get the job done.

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We're here every step of the way to help you be your best with regular webinars, phone and face-to-face check-ups, head chef days, plus unlimited access to our comprehensive how-to library.


Place orders. Upload invoices without data entry. Count stock in double time. Update menu costs daily. KPI Reporting for your whole team, live 24-7.

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We bring the very best of Australia's distributors, farms, factories and importers right to your venue - at unbeatable prices.

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